Assistance during tax inspection
These services are aimed at companies already registered for VAT purposes, who are subject of a tax inspection, and who want to minimize the effect of a potential inspection conclusion with negative impact. Based on our vast experience and deep knowledge of legislation as well as excellent relations with tax authorities, we can offer guidance during tax inspection, facilitating this process by communicating with tax authorities in your name, making sure the inspection process goes in a correct manner.

Our service of assistance in tax inspection includes:

  • Analysis of legal situation, investigation of actual situation and preparation of sustainable arguments in case;
  • Independent evaluation of fiscal aspects / risks;
  • Manage the inspection process, allowing clients to concentrate on usual activities of the company;
  • Representation of clients during final discussions with tax inspectors, in order to present technical and legal arguments in client favor;
  • Estimation of strengths and weakness of client approach toward fiscal aspects, in order to evaluate chances of success in the eventuality of a trial against inspection conclusions;
  • Assistance in fiscal litigations, if the client decides to follow this procedure.